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Preparing for your upcoming photoshoot - Everything you need to know

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Session Prep Guide

by Cienna So Photography

Want to learn how to lrepare for your upcoming photoshoot? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This is a comprehensive guide for photography clients to prepare for their future photoshoot

How To : Prepare for a Photoshoot

Whether you just booked or a photoshoot is on your bucket list - the "getting ready" process might be confusing - I mean you are reading this blog so I can only assume you have a few questions. ;)

Booking a photoshoot is exciting and getting ready for it should be nothing less than. Most of the time when you schedule a session you're expected to show up ready to go without any guidance what so ever. Depending on the photographer of course - you aren't always guaranteed an extensive get ready guide to help you through the process.

Don't worry I got you.

Before we get into it - I want to note that the tips you are about to receive are in result of my own experience as a photographer. Contracts and policies vary per photography business and it's best to consult your photographer for confirmation before making any final decisions on styling, wardrobe, or anything pertaining to this blog.

All of my clients / future clients will receive their own prep guide that is specific to their session. If you are thinking about booking with me please reach out by filling out this form on my website!

Guide on 5 things you should bring to your maternity session.

5 things you should bring to your maternity session

Preparing for your photoshoot just got easier! Here is a list of 5 things I think everyone should bring to their upcoming maternity photoshoot.


Let's start with the basics. Here I will go over some of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients after they book.

"What do I wear to my photoshoot ???"

"What should I bring to my photoshoot ?"

"How should I do my makeup for a photoshoot??"

And the list goes on and on. No question is a dumb question - please feel free to reach out at anytime if yours doesn't get answered here.


(Most of the time) the first question that comes to anyones mind after booking a photoshoot is, "what do I wear?!" I mean duh! It's not everyday that your outfit will be documented in a photograph. So, where do you even start?

First things first determining the location and season of your session will help get you on the right track to choosing the perfect outfit for your upcoming photoshoot. Your outfit should enhance and compliment you - not distract.

Will it be warm or cold outside ? Will you have to walk a long distance to get to the photography spot? If so, I recommend changing once you get there to avoid ruining your outfit before the session starts. Also, if it's cold outside you will probably want to wear a coat up until the photoshoot starts.

Where to find outfit ideas :

I recommend looking up outfits on Pinterest - follow me to see my pinned outfit suggestions

Pinterest is a deep sea of content. Sometimes you have to dig to find the treasure that lies in the app. If you feel like the outfits you find using Pinterest are giving "generic" or "cliche photography outfit". Try to look up different terms in the search bar.

Instead of searching for "photoshoot outfits" try something like "cute summer outfits" or "cute fall outfits" (depending on the season your session is scheduled in.) You can be as specific as you want on Pinterest to get various results.

For example : say you are booking a cake smash session. First, you could search cake smash themes if you aren't sure of one. Then, you can search the theme following one year outfit.

QUICK LIST : Dos & Donts

A list of Dos & Donts when preparing for your photoshoot by Cienna So Photography

When planning your wardrobe I would stay away from outfits with large logos. Doing so will keep your images timeless. Logos can (more times than not) become a distraction in the photos. Like I said above, You are the focus of the images. We want your outfit to compliment you. This doesn't just apply to large logos but anything that can cause a distraction in the photograph(s). Example : ripped jeans, graphic tees, hooded sweatshirts can be distracting.

A perfect example of an outfit that compliments the setting and the subject is this one from my 2023 Valentines Day Mini. As you can see the background is super busy here so we went for a minimalistic outfit.

Small child holding heart shaped balloons poses for the camera in Valentines Day Mini

Don't think too hard about it

Your outfits shouldn't stress you out. If you find yourself having a hard time check out Pinterest or other resources for ideas. If you have booked with me please reach out for help.

Red haired girl wearing mystical outfit poses for St Joseph Mo Photographer

What should you bring to your session?

This really depends on the type of session you have booked. For example if you are planning your maternity session the things you will need to bring are a lot different than the things you would need to bring for let's say a boudoir session. Read : 5 things you should bring to your maternity session here.


Another popular question I get is, "How should I do my makeup for my photoshoot?" Less is more probably doesn't apply to anything more than makeup for a photography session. Heavy makeup can sometimes cause the skin to give off dark shadows and unnatural colors - so I recommend staying away from heavy eye makeup or foundation. Of - course full coverage makeup can be used for a photography session but using light reflecting formulas tend to work best. If you are working with me professional hair and makeup is available and can be added on to your session.

Girl in a wedding dress posing next to a pink rotary phone in St Joseph Mo

Reminder : when you book with me you will have access to my exclusive client prep guide with more information. I want to bring your dream session to life and offer complete styling for all of my clients.

Book with me!

I hope you found this information helpful when it comes to preparing for your session. Book with me by inquiring here

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