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Senior Photoshoot Checklist

Updated: Apr 5

As a senior photographer I know that your schedule can get super busy. Planning for your senior session should be nothing less than fun and stress-free, that's why I created this senior photoshoot checklist. Use this to help you plan and get the most out of your future session.

A list of things to bring and wear to your senior photoshoot session

Before we get started, if you are interested in booking me for your next senior session please inquire here. I am located in St. Joseph Missouri and serve the Kansas City area.

What to wear to my senior photoshoot

#1 Cap N Gown

First up on my checklist is your Cap N Gown. This is a photo op you won't want to forget. Perfect for those classic poses and detail shots. Not only will your Cap N Gown add some variety to your gallery, but it serves as an amazing prop too.

If you don't have access to your Cap N Gown by the time your session rolls around I recommend ordering one off of Amazon.

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#2 Personal Props

Props, props, props... this is how I create the unique photos you see, and make each session unique. Everyone is different, and props will help tell your story the right way. You're probably thinking, "I don't know what props to bring" don't worry I will give you some examples.

Sports Props : If you participated in sports I recommend bringing related props. In the photo above we used cheer poms as a personal prop.

Photo Props : We all love a good before and after. I love when clients bring a photo of their younger self to compare to who they have become. It is a bittersweet way to tell your story (and the fam will love it).

School Props : Represent by bringing props related to the school you will be attending. For example this could be a sign, school-tee/jersey, or flag.

Other prop ideas :

- Schoolbooks

- Message board

- Sports ball

- Letterman Jacket

- Certificate / Diploma / Award

- Stethoscope

- Car / Truck / Bike

- Confetti

- School Flag

- Trophies

Saint Joseph Missouri senior photographer

#3 Best Friend

If you are an animal lover like me then this one is a no-brainer HOWEVER I still want to include it as a reminder. Our pets are on this journey with us too. So, it's only right to include them in some photos, right?

Note : If you wish to include your pet in your senior photos always reach out to your photographer beforehand to make sure it's okay. Some locations don't allow pets so it's always a good idea to keep your photographer informed so they can plan accordingly.

Extra Note : Please bring a leash, water, and extra-person to help take care of your pet during the remainder of the session.

What to wear to my senior photography session

#4 Outfits

Express yourself with the perfect outfit. My senior packages include up to 3 outfit changes. If you are having a hard time deciding what to wear I recommend checking Pinterest for ideas. Just search "senior photoshoot ideas".

I'm active on Pinterest! Follow me here

Outfit tips : It's ALL in the details. If you love artistic detail photos then this is for you. The best way to achieve detail shots that are artsy is by putting together a complete outfit. That means head to toe. Always reach out to your photographer for guidance.

Outfit #1 - Formal (long flow dress)

Outfit #2 - Casual (jeans and tee)

Outfit #3 - Creative (something you wouldn't normally wear)


- Scrubs

- Jersey

- Uniform

- School themed shirt/sweater

Senior Photoshoot Checklist

#5 Passion / Hobby

Do you have a passion or hobby that you love? I recommend including it in your session. For example, let's say you love to paint. You could bring a canvas and painting supplies to your session. I want you to use this photoshoot as an opportunity to express yourself. One day you will look back at these photos from a different perspective and telling YOUR unique story is important.

Senior Photoshoot Checklist

Senior Session FAQ

Do you travel outside of St. Joseph Mo?

Yes. If you want to shoot at a location outside of St. Joseph Mo that is awesome. Any location outside of St. Joseph is subject to a travel fee. Please reach out through email regarding this.

Can I upgrade to the full gallery.

Yes. Upgrades will be available upon gallery delivery.

Can my pet be in my senior photoshoot?

Of course! Please let me know prior to your photoshoot if you would like to include your dog or pet.

Can I add more than two locations?

Yes. Location add-ons are extra cost.

Can I take photos at my school?

Of course! Please let me know on your questionnaire upon booking where you wish to shoot at so I can acquire the permits if necessary.

Have a question that wasn't answered? Reach out here!

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Learn more about my senior sessions here

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