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Pack Two - User Guide

Updated: Mar 27

Tips, tricks, and suggestions from Cienna So, the creator of Jaide & Jett Presets - Pack Two. Use this guide to help you navigate and get the most out of your new presets and mods.

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Pack Two includes true to color presets that are timeless, natural, editorial, and cinematic. Featuring rich greens, pure whites, and creamy warm tones. Like our first preset collection, this pack is designed to help you find your creative style.


What's included :

23 color presets, 6 black and white presets, and 9 modifiers.

When you import Pack Two into your Lightroom Desktop they will be organized as follows : Black and Whites, Mods, Presets.

Auto Enhancers

Every preset in Pack Two features the following auto enhancers : Auto sharpen and lens corrections. These enhancers are designed to speed up your workflow and take unnecessary adjustments out of the equation.

Black and White Presets - From bold to creamy, Pack Two has 6 black and white presets to choose from.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, BW 2


  • 4 Quick Tools

  • 5 Filter Mods

Quick Tools - Jaide & Jett tools should be applied after you have selected your preset. Always adjust the opacity slider to change the intensity.

  • Shadow Lift - Lifted shadows and blacks.

  • Dehaze - Added depth, contrast, and dehazing.

  • Remove Vignette - Remove vignette around corners.

  • Soft Glaze - Creamy / smooth finish.

Jaide & Jett, Noah. Added Dehaze Tool.

Filter Mods - Jaide & Jett Filter Presets can be used on their own or stacked on top of a regular preset.

  • 90s Filter - Vintage aesthetic with warm tones.

  • Aqua Filter - Crisp and cool with muted tones.

  • Butter Filter - Bright and creamy boho tones.

  • Clean Filter - Bright and clean with bold blacks.

  • Noah Filter - Warm and rich.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Butter.

PC : Alexa K Photos

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Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Butter

Presets Left to Right : Top ( Clean, 90s Filter, Earthy) Bottom ( Noah, Aqua, Butter, BW 6)

Color Presets - Inspired by timeless and true to color styles, Pack Two features editorial and warm / creamy boho presets.

Classic Presets - 7 Total : Timeless, editorial, and true to color. I created these presets to give you an effortless edit that is editorial and timeless. Use with the shadow lift tool for a lifted effect.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Classic 1

Geo Preset - 1 Total : Soft, earthy, and warm. Geo has film like tones giving your photos a soft and lifted look.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Geo.

PC : Alexa K Photos

Earthy Preset - 3 Total : Earthy, warm and vibrant. Bring your grassy greens to life with Earthy.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Earthy + Artistic Brush Pack

Geo Preset - 1 Total : Filmy, warm, and soft.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Geo.

PC : Prairie Creek Photography

Lush Presets - 3 Total : Vibrant, soft, and clean.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Lush 14

Before and After.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Lush 16.

Before and After.

Matic Presets - 3 Total : Documentary inspired with cinematic tones and green shadows. Gives your photos a story-like feel.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Matic 19

Before and After.

Boho Presets - 3 Total : Soft, creamy, boho tones. Muted greens and warm highlights.

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Boho 22

Before and After.


When using this pack, you will develop your own personal / creative workflow through time. Until then here is my personal suggestions.

  1. Import photo into Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw

  2. Adjust the exposure if necessary, these presets work best with light. You may need to bring your exposure slider UP quite a bit on under-exposed/dark images. This also applies vice versa. If your photo is over-exposed you may need to bring your exposure slider down. This is the most important adjustment when using Jaide & Jett Presets. Always adjust your exposure bar in post.

  3. Select the preset from Pack Two that you want to use.

  4. Hover over the mods to see if you would like to add a creative touch.

  5. Adjust the exposure bar again

  6. Adjust the temp and hue slider to fix white balance.

  7. Make adjustments to personal taste in basic tool bar and more.

  8. Sync these setting to the rest of your gallery.

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Join our community for photographers. Jaide & Jett Presets Facebook Group

Jaide & Jett - Pack Two, Butter.

Before and After

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