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Lightroom Shortcuts

Updated: Feb 23

Speed up your editing workflow with these ESSENTIAL Lightroom shortcuts!

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What is a Lightroom Shortcut?

If you're wondering what a Lightroom shortcut is then let me explain. The following shortcuts are functional by using the keyboard on your computer. These keys can be used to manage your photos and catalogs easily, with one click.

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Our Top 5

Here are our top 5 favorite shortcuts to use in Lightroom for a quicker workflow.

D - Enter Develop Mode

Press D to enter the develop mode in Lightroom.

B - Add to Quick Collection

Press B to add the selected photos to your quick collection in Lightroom.

R - Crop

Press R to enter crop mode in Lightroom.

Y - Before and After

Press Y to compare your raw image to the edited version.

TAB - Hide Panels

Press the TAB key to hide the Lightroom editing panels and get a better look at your photo.

What is batch editing?

Batch editing is a lifesaver and can speed up your Lightroom workflow tremendously. Batch editing allows you to paste all of the edits applied to one photo to the rest. Did you know there's a Lightroom shortcut for that?

CTRL + OPT + S (MAC) - Sync

CTRL + SHIFT + S ( WIN ) - Sync

Virtual Copy Shortcut

This shortcut gets its own section because it really is a game changer when it comes to Lightroom editing.

Have you ever wanted to make two photos out of one? For example, if you want to make a black and white version out of your image this shortcut can help you with that.

CMD + ' (apostrophe) (MAC)

CTRL + ' (apostrophe) (WIN)

When you apply this shortcut Lightroom will create a virtual copy of the selected image.


G - Enter library grid mode.

See all the imported photos in grid format.

SHIFT + R - Reference mode.

Compare photos in your Lightroom catalog to ensure consistency throughout your images.

L - Lights out mode.

This feature will hide the busy interface in Lightroom by isolating your image making it easier for viewing.

J - Show clipping.

F - Enter full screen mode.

V - Convert to black and white.

CMD + E ( MAC ) - Edit in photoshop.

CTRL + E ( WIN ) - Edit in photoshop.

Q - Spot removal.

M - Add a mask.

P - Mark as flagged.

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Join our community for photographers. Jaide & Jett Presets Facebook Group

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