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Jaide & Jett Feature Photographer 005 - Nonstop Photography

Updated: Feb 23

At Jaide & Jett, we believe that great things happen when creatives come together. That’s why we love collaborating with other talented photographers and brands, and sharing their work with our audience.

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This week we are excited to bring you another feature photographer, Stormy Jones!

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Nonstop Photography

Cookeville, TN

Hey y’all, I’m Stormy - the person behind the camera at Nonstop Photography! Photography is much more than just taking a picture for me. It’s creating art. It’s capturing those important moments you’re living in, and hoping that you can feel like you’re in them again at a later time. It’s a way of inspiring others to see the beauty in themselves, through another’s perspective.

What are 3 things you know now that you wish you knew when you started your business?

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask other photographers questions, and grow a community together!

  2. Never let your guard down. Keep the camera up at all times, so you don’t miss anything!

  3. Don’t give up on growing your knowledge! Keep studying and researching - even when think there is not much more out there. You’ll find new inspiration and ways to shoot or edit or pose everywhere.

What is your most popular session?

Weddings are becoming much bigger, last year was probably family sessions though!

What lens stays on your camera the most?

35 mm f/1.4

What are your goals for the next year?

I intend to put a major focus on weddings and engagements, with hopes to be primarily shooting them in 2025! While I love taking on pretty much any session that comes my way, documenting the story of two people and one of the biggest days of their lives holds such a special place in my heart.

What does your dream session look like?

Big city, rooftop wedding - with a bride that has a long train on her dress. Spiral stairs inside - very modern day venue look. Elegant and classy wedding, into a reception that they won’t forget.

What do you like about Jaide & Jett Presets?

The presets I’ve used don’t require a lot of adjustments, in natural light especially!

Color or B+W?

This is a debate I have on a DAILY basis. I could never choose. I love seeing the colors over and over again, they just show what everyone chooses and loves and can be a monumental reminder of such important days. With black and white though, you get to focus in on how the person is truly feeling and what emotions they are wearing!

Stormy Jones' Favorite Jaide & Jett Preset - Pack One - usually BW 2 and 00 Natural

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