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Jaide & Jett Feature Photographer 001 - Isabel Arias Photography

Updated: Feb 23

At Jaide & Jett, we believe that great things happen when creatives come together. That’s why we love collaborating with other talented photographers and brands, and sharing their work to our audience.

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This week we are excited to bring you our first feature photographer, Isabel Arias!



Where are you from? Austin, TX

I'm Isabel, a 29-year-old mom, photographer, and general life enthusiast. Three years ago, I hit pause on photography while navigating the wild world of motherhood. Dealing with the ups and downs of postpartum life, I found myself in need of an escape from the fog. Cue the rekindling of my love affair with photography. It all started innocently enough—snapping pics of my son, creating memories, and finding solace in the

process. Photography became my ticket out of the postpartum funk, my creative outlet, and a pathway back to rediscovering myself. Now, I'm back in the game, lens-first and ready to capture the real, the raw, and the beautifully unfiltered moments. I'm all about building relationships, not just snapping pics. My goal? To get to know my clients so that every shoot is as unique as they are. ditching the standard, embracing the authentic, and creating something real. Photography didn't just give me a career; it handed me a chance to be unapologetically me. Grateful doesn't even cover it.

What are 3 things you know now that you wish you knew when you started your business?

  1. It's okay to start with the camera you have, learn from it, and then upgrade.

  2. Stop comparing yourself to other photographers we are all on our own journeys.

  3. Take time adjusting your settings during a photoshoot! It wiill save you in the long run.

What is your most popular session? Maternity and Family

What are your goals for the next year? To second shoot a wedding or even book an elopment!

What does your dream session look like? I would love to shoot an engagment shoot in a downtown area. I would love for the couple to explore and be themselves while i capture them and thier love story, think of the notebook scene when Allie and Noah stay out late at night and our dancing in the middle of the street



What do you like/love about Jaide & Jett? I currently use Dusty Flower and I love that I barely have to do any tweaking and they fit with a lot of my shoots. I also love the film like presets. It giives such a timeless feel to the pictures and will be cherished forever.

Color or B&W? Color

Connect with Isabel Arias Photography

Website : Click Here

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Dec 16, 2023
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