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How to give your photo a motion blur effect in Photoshop

Updated: Mar 27

The year 2023 brought in a lot of trends, especially in the photography-verse. One of the most popular ones being motion blur. Love it (or hate it) it's a great way to add an artistic look to your gallery.

This look can be achieved in camera and through Photoshop. In this blog I am going to explain how this can be done in Photoshop. Personally, I prefer the Photoshop method over in-camera simply because I think it's so much easier.

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How to give blur effect in Photoshop

Why are blurry photos a trend?

Whether you like this look or not is subjective. However, there is no doubt that blur is one of the biggest photography trends of 2023. Let's talk about why so many photographers are making their photos blurry.

Over the years...

You know that trip down memory lane you take every time you go to that one family members house? The walls are heap with generations of portraits, displaying the legacy of your family tree through the years. I find it really interesting to compare those portraits to current trends of today.

It's obvious studio photography has been popular since the mid 1800s.. The *looks past camera and stares toward the ceiling* pose had EVERYONE in a chokehold. Some may consider this pose timeless while others may call it tacky. (Same for trends like grain and motion blur)

How to make photos blurry in photoshop explained

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I think it's acceptable to assume everyone has gotten burned out on the super posed look and that's why we have seen an increase in documentary / lifestyle photography. With this new style came current trends like motion blur, grain, and in-the-moment shots that we all know and love. Implementing a blurry photo or two into a gallery can give a sense of motion and convey a feeling that you just can't get with a still shot photo. Below. : How to give blur effect in Photoshop

How to add motion blur in Photoshop

How to give blur effect in Photoshop

Choose : Filter > Blur > Motion Blur

Use the distance setting to control the amount of blur and adjust the opacity of that layer to control the intensity.

Another blur option you can use in Photoshop is radial blur.

Choose : Filter > Blur > Radial Blur

Adjust the amount slider to control the intensity and place the radial center point where you want the blur to rotate around.

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