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Helping you decide what Lightroom Program to use and why.

Updated: Mar 27

So, you want to start editing your photos in Lightroom? As the creator of Jaide & Jett Presets, I get this question a lot.

"What Lightroom program should I get/use?" This has prompted me to write this blog to help anyone who may have the same question. As of right now there are three options to choose from.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe Lightroom CC

Lightroom Mobile

Confused yet? It's okay, because after this blog you will have a complete understanding of each Lightroom program and which one will work best for you.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

From the name you can assume this program is the OG of the three. Simply put that is a correct take. Lightroom Classic is compatible with desktop only and does not include cloud storage. Unfortunately you can't use this program on your phone or tablet. Other than these limitations, if you are looking for the complete LR experience you should start with Classic. Lightroom Classic also offers several modules and shortcuts that can help speed up your editing workflow.

Adobe Lightroom Classic Breakdown

Storage : Since this version of Lightroom does not run on the cloud you will have to manually back up your files in a safe place on your computers hard-drive.

Internet : Classic does not need an internet connection to run. All files in your personal library will be saved to your computers local hard-drive.

Lightroom Plug-Ins : What is a Lightroom Plug-In? This feature enables you to export images straight from your Lightroom catalogue into another site or program like Pixieset.

Adobe Lightroom CC (Cloud)

Simple, quick, and cloud based. This version of Lightroom can be used on all your devices including your phone, tablet, and desktop. Lightroom CC does have limitations however this version is a great program to start with especially if you prefer to edit across multiple devices. LR CC includes 90% of the features you will find in Lightroom Desktop and saves your images to the cloud so you can access them on any device that has the program installed. This is a great feature if you find yourself starting an edit on your desktop and finishing it on your tablet in bed.

More Benefits : Although this version isn't free from limitations it does have many unique benefits you won't find in Lightroom Classic. Including, cloud storage, automatic backup, and cloud syncing. With Lightroom CC you can sync Lightroom presets to mobile. Learn how to sync Lightroom presets to mobile here.

Lightroom Mobile

The last version of Lightroom we are going to talk about today is the mobile application you can download to your phone. This app is free and can be found in your App Store. Although mobile does not support printing, plug-ins, or layered based editing it's a great solution if you like to edit using your phone or an iPad.

Now that you got the quick rundown of each version of Lightroom it's time to start editing. Find your creative style and speed up your editing workflow with my artistic Lightroom presets and brushes.


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