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Creative Concepts / Empowerment Sessions

The ultimate experience.

My Journey

2020-2023 / Boudoir Photography

Over the last three years I have specialized specifically in boudoir photography. Serving Saint Joseph Mo and the greater Kansas City area (and beyond) I have photographed hundreds of women, made everlasting friendships, and learned... a lot. Through this time I had three different studios and I was the sole decorator in each one. My favorite thing to do was create different sets and style my own shoots.

Through the years my popular sets and styled shoots were :

  • Cloud 9 Set

  • Fairy Styled Shoot

  • Rainbow Styled Shoot

  • Neon Set

  • Fruit Styled Shoot

Annnnd many more! I'll post some photos of these shoots below.

Cloud - 9 Set

Fairy Styled Shoot

Rainbow Styled Shoot BTS

Bye bye boudoir - HELLO Creative Concepts

After three years I decided to take a step back and focus on other photography related things. Although my passion for empowering others hasn't faded - my creativity grew stagnant with boudoir. I felt like I was in a creative box. If you are interested in a boudoir type session DONT GO ANYWHERE! I have something even better for you.

What is a Creative Concept?

My CC sessions are designed to be one of a kind empowerment sessions. With my experience as a boudoir photographer I am combining my posing techniques and creative side to give you Creative Concept Photoshoots.

This session will be focused on YOU and a specific theme. Each concept will only be available ONCE to ensure it is unique to that client. Each month I release new themes but don't be afraid to reach out with your own ideas.

Creative Concepts Vs Boudoir Photography

What's the difference? Well, first you must understand what boudoir photography is. Usually the client will wear lingerie and pose in various ways to achieve a sexual aesthetic. Boudoir sessions usually take place in a studio with bedroom furniture.

Creative concepts on the other hand are all different. Not one creative concept session is the same. Think of these sessions as editorial and vogue esque. When you inquire about one of these sessions you will pick from my available themes or suggest your own. After you submit your inquire form you will get a questionnaire that will help me customize your session to fit you. From there I will create a mood board, find a location, and provide makeup / outfit ideas. Instead of being restricted to lingerie type outfits we will experiment with pieces like long flowy dresses, high fashion styles, and more.


So, after I stopped boudoir and focused on other things I came up with the idea to offer creative concepts. After following other inspiring photograohers online and seeing their work - I really wanted to step outside the box and move toward high fashion styled shoots.

Do you have a creative concept idea? Reach out to me by filling out my inquire form here.

Let's start planning your dream creative concept shoot!

I am currently booking 2024 creative concepts. Prepayments are available so don't wait to reach out and start planning this one of a kind photoshoot experience.

Stay Connected!

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