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Jaide & Jett Brushes - User Guide

Updated: Feb 23

Tips, tricks, and suggestions from Cienna So, the creator of Jaide & Jett Presets + Brushes. Use this guide to help you navigate and get the most out of your new Artistic Brush Pack.

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Designed to help you elevate your editing game and creativity in Lightroom. The Artistic Brush Pack has everything you need to take your photos to the next level. In this guide I will go over every brush included in this pack (in depth) and the different ways each one can be used.

Jaide & Jett - Artistic Brush Pack for Lightroom Desktop

What's included : 21 Lightroom Brushes


Color Brushes - Our brush pack includes 7 color brushes designed to enhance the way individual colors look. Use the color brush to paint over specific colors to make them POP.

Creamy Skin Brush - Use this brush before the Smooth Tool to give your subjects skin a creamy smooth finish. This brush should be applied to the t-zone of your subject and any parts of the skin that you want to brighten. Always adjust the opacity slider after you apply Creamy Skin to customize the intensity.

Darken Brush - This brush is versatile and can be used for many things. Simply put this brush is similar to a dodge tool. I love to use this tool to darken eyelashes/eyebrows, contour faces, to darken a backdrop, to add depth to faded blacks, and more. Share with us how you use this tool! Be sure to join our Facebook Group. This group was created for photographers that use or are interested in Jaide & Jett Presets.

Deep Greens Brush - Like our Lush Green Color Brush the Deep Greens Brush was created with our grassy photographers in mind. Brush this tool over grass to give it a deeper look. This brush will darken the greens and add depth to your photo.

Eye Enhancer Brush -This all-in-one brush will enhance the eyes by adding clarity, sharpness, light, and depth. Brush this over the whole eye or the parts you want to enhance.

Fall Tree's Brush - I created this brush specifically for the fall season. This brush will bring out the vibrancy and autumn tones when you brush over reds, oranges, and yellows.

Green Shadows Brush - Sometimes you just need more green shadows!

Overall Bright and Clean Brush - This brush can be applied to the entire photo to give it a bright and clean finish OR brush over specific spots for the same effect.

Overall Depth Brush - Brush over your whole photo for a beautiful finish. Adjust the opacity slider to change the intensity.

Remove Saturation Brush - This brush can be used anywhere that is too saturated or off-tone. For example, I love to use this tool to cool down skin tones on the face and hands.

Radial Gradient Sun Leak - This tool should be used as a radial gradient. RG Sun Leak is warm, golden, and bright. Inspired by golden hour sun beams. I like to put the RG at the corner of the photo or whichever direction the sunlight naturally comes through. Move the radial gradient around to see what look you like best. Always adjust the opacity slider to change the intensity.

Sharpening Brush - Use this tool to brush over parts of your photo you want to sharpen.

Smooth Brush - This tool is designed to be used after the Creamy Skin Brush. This smoothing tool will give skin a glossy, butter-like finish. This can also be used on backdrops and clothing. This brush can be painted on anywhere you want to add a smooth finish.

Sunset Enhancer Brush - Brush this tool over sunset skies to enhance the golds, reds, pinks, lilacs, and yellows. This brush will take your sunsets from wow to WOW.

Teeth Whitener Brush - Give teeth a natural white finish. Always adjust the opacity slider to change the intensity.

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