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Brand Ambassadors for Photographers - Beneficial or waste of time?

Updated: Feb 23

What is a brand ambassador program and can photographers benefit from it?

A lot of photographers snub at the idea of a Brand Ambassador program and I totally get it. If you're new to the brand ambassador world or have had bad experiences in the past this might keep you looking the other way. I'm here to tell you it is possible to benefit from this program with the right tools. If you are just now learning about brand ambassadors and how they work you might not be aware that it can be a waste of time. I'm here to tell you everything I learned so you can avoid the mistakes I've made in the past and actually benefit from the program.

First off... you may be thinking, “WTH is a Brand Ambassador program and CAN my business even benefit from this?"

I got you. So, a brand ambassador is someone who helps raise your brand awareness and serves as a model for a contracted amount of time.

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What does a brand ambassador program entail? Free photoshoots for free advertising

It's important that the time you will be spending on this program is worth it. When I say time - I mean lots of time. This isn't a program that will run on its own. It will need a lot of TLC to ensure everyone is holding up to their end of the deal... aka requirements.

Brand ambassadors can be used in almost every genre of photography. From boudoir, family, children, and pets. You can construct a program around any of these specialties. The requirements you enforce will depend on the genre they are contracted under. I have listed a requirement template below. Please use this as an example when creating your own. Everyone's requirements should be different as everyone has different goals.

BA Requirements

• Age

• Signed Contract

• Must have an Instagram Account & Facebook Account (not private).

• Must be in my VIP group and follow me on Instagram

• Must post in the VIP group (at least) twice a week on specific days.

• Must share all photos from each session of the program (on their social media and in the group.

• Must NOT use images for purposes like : commercial work, etc.

• Must sign a full model release.

• Must not shoot with any other photographers during the term.

• Must not post any photographs that have been

taken by other photographers during the term.

• Must be reliable and not miss more than one

shoot per term. If any of my brand ambassadors miss more than ONE shoot they will be dropped from the program.

• Must NOT be another photographer.

• Must be comfortable on camera and video.

I know that was a lot but hear me out. This will save you a lot of time when you start accepting applications. Applications ? Yes - I create my applications using dubsado.

How to find Brand Ambsssadors

  • Before you start searching it's important to know exactly what your goals are. WHY are you starting this program? What are you hoping to achieve? These are questions you should ask yourself and brainstorm to ensure you're prepared.

  • I have found all my brand ambassadors from my private Facebook group, Instagram, and Facebook page. I have found the best way to look for brand ambassadors is to create an application form and post the link to my socials.


Are you ready to launch your brand ambassador program? Use the checklist below to ensure you have everything in line for a successful launch.

  • Program Length - I recommend starting with a month long term.

  • Number of BA's needed - I recommend 6 and no more than 10.

  • BA Requirements - What will they be required to do during their term

  • BA Perks - What do they get in return. (Example free photoshoots)

  • How many photoshoots will you provide during the term

  • Brand ambassador contract and model release needs to be ready before you launch

  • Create your brand ambassador application. You can create a free application using Google Forms.


Hopefully you learned a few things that can help you decide if brand ambassadors are the right fit for your business.. I know there's still a lot more that needs to be covered - that's why I created this Join our community for photographers. Jaide & Jett Presets Facebook Group Feel free to join and discuss the guide , ask questions, and chat with other photographers.

I hope to see you there





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